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SA-based Wholesale Fruit & Veg Business

City of Melbourne
Melbourne Region
Category:   Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Key Features & Benefits:
- Captured market - Region's leading and only wholesale fruit and vegetable supplier (covering a population of approximately 73,000 residents)
- Located in regional South Australia
- The business has been in operation for decades, servicing local hospitals, hotels, cafes, convenience stores and households
- They choose to operate about 6 days a week to spread the work out evenly and lighten work loads. Previously, the business operated 3 days a week.
- Streamlined business model in which everything that is purchased by them is already sold to the customers. This helps minimise expenses and product wastage.
- Very successful business, operated mainly by the staff day to day.
- Staff are all proficient in their roles and have decades of combined experience. Three full-time and three casual staff.
- The business has an extensive and reliable supplier network at SA’s premier farm fresh produce wholesale market (The South Australian Produce Market)
- Included vehicles (3 vans, 2 trucks, 2 forklifts), all are well-maintained.
- The premises has undergone recent improvements (new internal concreting, new packing room, clearing of external driveways)
- The premises comprises of approx. 6 acres of land, warehouse facilities with coolrooms, a built-in retail outlet, and residential property with a personal vehicle (which are all available for lease or purchase)
- There is still room for growth i.e., enhancing the home delivery branch (automating the ordering process, implemening marketing/ advertising strategies), expanding the product range to include additional foods and condiments, and reopening the on-site retail outlet.

Price: $490,000

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