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Franchise Consulting

We are experts in all aspects of Franchise consulting with extensive experience and understanding of the complexity of franchising. Our Franchise Consultants can assist you, whether you want to build a Franchise, your an established Franchise and want to grow your business, or expand your Franchise Internationally, the FINN team can guide you through your journey. Being experts in franchise buying and selling, we take the speculation out of your buying process. Having our professionals by your side help you go through the entire process with great confidence. With our vast network of franchisees and franchisors give us an inside access to franchises that are about to go on the market as well as silent listings.



  • Does my Business suit Franchising – review your current business model.
  • Building your Franchise.
  • Expansion via Master Franchising

Franchise Recruitment & Sales

  • Franchise health check – review your current system.
  • Franchise recruitment services.
  • Increase Franchise sales.
  • Becoming a Franchisee.

Franchise Internationally

  • Bring your Franchise to Australia.
  • Expand your Franchise to the World.
  • Franchise health check – review your current system in Australia or Overseas.

Bring your Franchise to Australia

The Australian Franchise market is an established and mature market that provides excitingopportunities with many successful home-grown franchise systems as well as from overseas. It’s anever-growing market with a huge potential to expand your brand.Franchising industry is expected to rise at an annualised 1.2% over the five years through 2018-19.Industry revenue is expected to increase by 1.5% in the current year, to $181.8 billion*(*IBIS World report).   Franchising in Australia is highly regulated under a mandatory Franchising Code of Conduct, and theFINN International Franchising team of experts are well placed to assist your expansion and to helpyou access the franchise market both in Australia & New Zealand. The experience we have inInternational Franchising, the understanding we have of the Franchise market & law in Australia aswell as the strong market presence of our group makes FINN International Franchising the idealbusiness partner for your Brand.

What We Offer

Review, Assess and Recommend

Review your current Franchise documentation and the compliance with the Australian franchise Law as well as your current IP status.
Assess your documentation in preparation for the marketing and recruitment program We will assist with financial modelling, government and regulatory compliance, documentation, mandatory workplace health and safety requirements Recommend if you need to adapt your model for the Australian cultural landscape.

Marketing and Franchise recruitment program

Set up your marketing and sales funnel, sales brochures and other franchise recruitment tools to ensure they meet the Australian Code of Conduct requirements. Assist with managing your franchise enquiry from initial contact to the signing of your franchise agreement.
With this service, you have a brand-dedicated consultant who takes the buyer all the way through the recruitment process up to the stage of your final approval.

Franchise Monitoring and Mentoring

We will monitor and mentor the Master Franchisee ensuring they are marketing the business correctly Monitor the Master Franchisee to ensure they are supporting any franchisees they have appointed.
We understand that International Franchising can be a challenging exercise and not having local knowledge within the country makes it also hard to control but with our experience in this area and the team we  have in support, we can guide you through the process and minimise the concerns of you and your company. With our mentoring program we can reduce the number of expensive trips to Australia and give your Board comprehensive monthly reports on progress of your System.

Expand your Franchise to the World

Taking your franchise system overseas can be richly rewarding and it can also be a disaster if you don’t get it right. We are to assist you through this.
You also need to ensure your Franchise is ready for expansion and have the right processes and structures in place to successfully export into new markets.

What We Offer

We can guide you through the process for a successful transition into the International market.

We can:

Analyse your current franchise business structure to ensure its ready to franchise Internationally, including your current IP and Franchise documentation

Review your International franchise expansion business plans

Ensure a market research and competitive analysis is completed on your destination country

Understanding the franchise law, and the market in the destination country by having established relations with Franchise lawyers and marketing companies overseas.

We have extensive experience in UK & Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

We understand that International Franchising can be a challenging exercise but with our experience and establish business connections overseas, and the team we have in support, we can guide you through the process and minimise the concerns of you and your company.