Finance Process



finance process

Getting to know you

Getting to know our clients is essential for providing an exceptional service. The best financial services you’ll ever get are tailored to your specific needs, that’s why understanding your position before we even meet is essential. We believe it is also important that you also get a chance to know us, our philosophy and process before making a financial commitment.

To know each other better, we’ve developed a 5-minute financial health check and an about you questionnaire, which we encourage you to complete before our first meeting.

Discovery Meeting

During the discovery meeting, your advisor will as you a series of questions related to your family, goals, values, relationships, and interests. We combine this with a discussion around your budget, assets, and liabilities in order to have a clear understanding of your financial situation.

The purpose of this free consultation is providing us with deeper insights about your personal and financial goals in order to create a plan that helps you achieve them.

Presenting your plan

Using the information that we got from the discovery meeting, our team builds a comprehensive, strategic plan that is tailored to your specific financial and personal needs and preferences. During this presentation, our team presents this plan and answer all questions that you might have. After the meeting, you’ll have a clear understanding of your current situation and will be well-informed to make sound financial decisions.

Implementing you plan

Once the plan is agreed upon, we will implement it in line with your instructions. Our dedicated Client Service Team will keep you informed of progress at all relevant stages.

Ongoing Review

Financial planning is a dynamic process that requires regular reviews for successful results. Our financial team prepares a comprehensive review document and presents it to you during the review meeting, which you attend with your advisor. This comprehensive review process is designed to keep you updated on the progress of your plan and bringing to your attention any issues that need to be addressed.


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