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Ginger Monkey Cafe

Surf Coast
For Sale
Category:   Cafes and Restaurants
Located in the Surf Coast town of Torquay, Ginger Monkey is a popular vegetarian and pescatarian cafe, making comfortable six-figure returns as an owner-operated business. 

Ginger Monkey Cafe has a diverse menu catering to various dietary preferences, with delectable vegetarian and pescatarian breakfasts and lunches. 

Boasting a prime location adjacent to renowned surf brands, Ginger Monkey enjoys a steady influx of locals and tourists, providing a tranquil retreat and a profitable venture. With ten parking spaces, indoor and outdoor dining areas, and a liquor license for 80 patrons, it offers an unparalleled experience.

The owner-operators actively manage the front-of-house, kitchen, and administrative tasks, bringing expertise to ensure seamless operations. They employ six staff members to round out the team: a seasoned barista, attentive waitstaff, and diligent kitchen hand. The team is also supported by seasonal staff during busy periods.

The Key Features

- Proven track record and loyal customer base

- High-quality, locally sourced ingredients

- Prime location with ample parking

- Diverse menu for various preferences

- Experienced and dedicated owner-operated team

- Strong presence in the local community

The Keys to Success

Ginger Monkey cafe's success lies in its unwavering commitment to excellence. From the meticulously crafted menu to the warm, inviting ambience, every aspect of the cafe is designed to create a memorable dining experience. The cafe also extends its services to private functions, parties, and catering for local businesses.

The cafe caters to a diverse clientele, from dedicated locals who appreciate its consistent quality to avid surfers seeking a respite after riding the waves. Tourists and shoppers are also drawn in by the convenient location, contributing to the steady flow of patrons.

There are opportunities to grow the business by extending operating hours to include nights and Sundays, offering specialty items like Cold Brew coffee, exploring merchandise sales, and collaborating with local businesses.

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Price $420,000 + SAV

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Anthony Dickson
0431 279 400

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Anthony Dickson
0431 279 400