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Automated Bottling & Packing Lines

City of Melbourne
Melbourne Region
Category:   Other Manufacturing not elsewhere classified
For sale are three production lines and everything you need to start or expand your bottling process or offer liquid production line management and automation solutions to other businesses in need of efficient bottling services. 

Included is all machinery and equipment required to set up the infrastructure to formulate, fill and label a diverse range of liquid products such as Lotions, Ointments, Gels, Flammable liquids, Health Products, and Suspensions into bottles, tubes, jars, sachets, and more. 

The lines for sale are for bottle filling, capping, labeling, and packing. 

Production Line One: (Can fill 40-60 bottles per minute)

• 4 head filler fully automatic
• Bottle unscrambler fully automatic
• Bottle elevator fully automatic
• Conveyor 6 meters fully automatic with sensors
• Pump unscrambler
• Pump inserter fully automatic
• Capping machine fully automatic 40 per min 
• Labelling fully automatic 60 per min
• Bottle Stacker fully automatic 120 per min
• Shrink machine
• Elevator for caps fully automatic

Production Line Two (Can fill 120 bottles per minute)

• Filler 12 head made in Italy 
• Conveyor
• Bottle unscrambler
• Rotary table

Production Line Three: (Can fill 40-60 bottles per minute)

• Bottle unscrambler with bottle sorting (multi-bottle)
• Conveyor 4metres
• Filler 2 head
• Capping machine fully automatic
• Labelling machine multi bottles Tronic


• Filler semiautomatic 500ml with a stainless-steel bench
• Filler semiautomatic 100ml
• Rotary table
• Box sealing machine
• Online inkjet printer (continuously)
• Compressor three-piston cast

• Perfumes miscellaneous
• Shampoo and conditioner ready
• Hand sanitiser ready and material
• Alcohol 4 ton
• Spray  pumps (unopened in boxes)
• Bottles for shampoo 30 ml
• Bottles miscellaneous (roughly 100000)

Complete your online enquiry for a confidential discussion with the lead broker and receive a comprehensive Fact Sheet.

Price Plant & Equipment: $500,000 +GST (Stock included)

Finn Business Sales 
Greater Melbourne
(03) 9372 0243

Broker: Chris Capponi
0466 235 726

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Chris Capponi
0466 235 726