What Every New Employer Should Know About the Hiring Process


What Every New Employer Should Know About the Hiring Process

Becoming a new employer can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Many new employers experience a learning curve far greater than they anticipated, so it is imperative to educate and prepare yourself as much as possible as you embark on your new leadership position.

Before You Hire Anyone
You can master the interview and hiring process with the right information and tools. Before hiring a new employee, ensure that you understand your state’s labor laws. Do you know the minimum wage? Are you familiar with the leave and notice of termination requirements?

Now, you must brainstorm to make sure that you are aware of the role you would like to fill. Determine your businesses’ needs, and identify how a new employee can fill them. What will their job title be? How will they fulfill these duties?

The Hiring Process
Once you have an idea of the position you are trying to fill, you want to guarantee that you are reaching out to the best potential employees. Analyse how you are advertising for the job. Ask yourself if you are marketing to attract desirable employees, and make a shortlist of any applicants who fit the bill.

Keep your interviews to a very short list, and only ask questions pertaining to the skills and abilities needed to fulfill the job in question. When you find the candidate you would like to choose, then offer them the position in a form of writing. If you would like to make the job offer personable by calling, then provide a back up agreement in writing to allow for written evidence of the agreement.

You’ve Hired An Employee…Now What?
First and foremost, it is pertinent to put together an informative welcoming packet for new employees. This welcoming packet will allow you to set expectations and prepare your future employees before they set foot in the door.

In order to put together a stellar welcoming packet, there are a few staple items to include. Here is our list of these essentials:

 • Letter of Engagement

This should be one of the first papers inside of the welcoming packet. Use this letter to inform your new employee of important information such as: their job description, the agreement of their job title and classification, pay rate and payment plan, expectations, and any confidentiality policies.

Expectations can include anything from dress code to the policies, however you want to make sure that you are not overloading your future employee with too much information. Sift through all of these possibilities and decide what is most important.

Also, try to think of some minor details may help them feel more comfortable, such as where and to whom they should report on their first day and how they are to fill out their time card.

• Parental Consent

Depending on the state in which your business resides, you may be obligated to provide a parental consent form. Make sure to check under the Child Employment Act and your state’s requirements.

If you are going to include a parental consent form, then include this paper with any tax forms as well—such as the Tax File Number Declaration form and the Standard Choice form.

• Staff Handbook

If you are a franchisor, then your franchise will likely have a staff handbook. Including the staff handbook within the welcoming packet offers your new employee to familiarise themselves with the mission statement, code, and core values of your business. Often times, vital information, such as social networking policies or emergency protocol, is included within this staff handbook; therefore, it is helpful for you as an employer to provide this ahead of time.

• Training Requirements

Provide your new employee with a paper explaining how to begin their training requirements. Many businesses are now using online training methods, so even if this is true for your business it can still be helpful to have a paper explaining login information and any troubleshooting explanations.

Even if the only form of job training is on-the job, you can still provide the employee with a mentor and their contact information. This will offer your new employee the opportunity to reach out to this mentor and ask any questions they may be hesitant to ask a new employer.

• Emergency Contact Details

 It is legally mandated for you to have emergency contact information on the books at your store at all times, so you must acquire this information from your employees as soon as possible. It is highly advisable to create a standard Emergency Contact form to include within this welcoming packet.

Why Should I Follow All of This Advice?

Taking the time to prepare for your future employees will allow for a successful future as an employer. Without these precautionary steps, a few disasters can occur:

• Without proper policies and expectations outlined, any employee/employer communication can become unclear.

• Welcoming packets and preparedness demonstrates meticulousness and a superb work ethic—qualities that you want to be associated with your business.

• Future employees may enter their first days on the job confused, nervous, and feeling unwelcomed without prior information.

Assure that your role as an employer begins as seamlessly as you would like by following all of these tips, tricks, and pieces of advice.