7 Ways to Create a More Productive Workplace


7 Ways to Create a More Productive Workplace

In today’s cutthroat business world, productivity is the name of the game. Competition is fierce, and only the strong survive. Proper management is paramount when attempting to boost productivity and ultimately your company’s longevity in the marketplace. Implement these seven management practices today to experience a more productive workplace.

1) Create a pleasant team environment
Everyone knows there is no ‘I’ in team, but not everyone understands the importance of a team attitude in the workplace. Employees who feel as though they are one part of an entire unit are more apt to share ideas, brainstorm new possibilities, and ask for help. Create a positive team environment by addressing the larger group as opposed to one employee. Perhaps you can call everyone out for fantastic ideas last quarter, or maybe you can celebrate one task in particular in front of the group.

2) Keep your employees happy
In addition to creating a team environment, it is imperative that you ensure all employees are happy. The happier your employees, the more productive they will be. Help your employees enjoy work again by providing motivation and purpose to their tasks. Employee happiness is synonymous with their perceived levels of respect. Respect can be a very dynamic motivator. Prove to your employees that they are each very important to you, and they are sure to “Go the extra mile” for the company.

3) Manage your team but avoid micro-management
Employees often need to be managed, directed, and assisted, but they also need to be trusted. An employee works best when they have the ability to operate in their own style and work in the way they believe is the most efficient. Your employees are adults, so treat them as such.

4) Give your employees accountability
Once you are able to loosen the reins a bit, ensure that you are still maintaining accountability over every employee’s actions. This is a delicate give-and-take management practice. While your employees might feel some pressure in this action, they are guaranteed to remain productive and meticulous in their work if they know that you hold them responsible for their end product.

5) Train and develop your employees
In order to promote productivity, you must provide the appropriate resources. Invest in the development of your current employees to increase the value that they bring to your company. When your employees are encouraged to learn more, and they are given the time and resources to do so, you create a team of knowledgeable, productive employees.

6) Stay up-to-date with current technology
When planning your training resources, ensure that you are up-to-date on all technology available to you. Technology is improving every second, and your competition is on top of every new gadget that helps their company work more efficiently. Always keep an eye out for new technology to give your employees the same advantage. This practice also demonstrates your care and concern, which in turn encourages your employees through a trickle-down effect.

7) Provide constant, meaningful feedback
Feedback and reflection are essential for a growing, prosperous workplace. An employee will never know they are doing something wrong if it is not addressed. Even worse, an employee will never know that you care if you fail to address the issue.

Communication helps to keep employees on track, in addition to providing the accountability mentioned previously. Every workplace has the potential to prove more productive each day. The effectiveness of overall productivity, however, can be traced back to management. Once you establish this cohesive, satisfying environment where management rewards good work and enforces any changes that should be made, you and your company will experience this productivity first hand.