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ABOUT Mike Fuller

Joined Cartridge World (CW) in April 2002. Prior to CW, I had my own Finance & Mortgage Origination business in Adelaide for 20 years.

On joining I moved to the US (San Francisco ) to develop a distribution hub & build the necessary support infrastructure required prior to appointing any Master Franchises throughout the US. At the same time, I mentored the newly appointed Canadian Master Franchisee – spending a week each month in Vancouver. I lived in San Francisco for just short of 12 months – during this time I travelled all over the US awarding Master Franchise Rights & attending numerous franchise expos and building a large network of contacts at the same time. The decision to return to Australia was based on CW Head Office in Adelaide having not developed a Master Training program for the International Masters. I then appointed a CEO to our US operations & moved back to Adelaide to set up a Master Training program for all the US Masters who came to Adelaide. We eventually appointed & trained approximately 20 Master Franchisees in Adelaide… some are still in the system today.

Once the US was established our next step was to expand the base throughout Asia/Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and over the next couple of years I travelled extensively awarding, training & mentoring Master Franchisees in Greece, India, the Middle East, Turkey/Kenya, South Africa, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines & Indonesia. I also travelled into Korea, Thailand & Japan interviewing numerous potentials but not awarding a Master there. During this time I gained in-depth knowledge of the franchise laws & legal requirements throughout the region.

Cartridge World was sold in 2007 (1542 stores, 46 Master Franchisees) to the Wolseley Group (Private Equity out of Sydney) I retained my position with the group & then became the Managing Director of Cartridge World for the Asia Pacific, The Middle East & Africa. Cartridge World had three Managing Directors at this time – one located in the UK, one in the US & myself in Australia (we met in each region on a three-month rotation). My role under Wolseley expanded into the Global Master Franchise Development Director assisting every Master Globally in building their operation, appointing & training new Masters as well as removing underperforming Masters. From this, I built an International Master Franchise Operations Manual in an attempt to maintain consistency across the Group.

I have remained in close contact with all my Masters & have close associations with numerous International Franchise sales consultants, lawyers & have made many close friendships.

I resigned my position with CW in 2010 & travelled to the UK spending three months there assisting with the International development of Franchise Development Services (FDS). During this time, I learnt about many systems used in the UK to build franchise models & also met with numerous International systems that were considering venturing into the Aussie market. Two that I know have made it … CEX & Tax Assist are now in Australia. I met with numerous International businesses that were considering venturing into the Australian marketplace. I have used his extensive knowledge and experience as a Consultant to assist businesses to build their own successful franchise systems.
I am now proudly on the FINN Group team and look forward to using my extensive knowledge and experience as a Consultant and Broker to assist businesses to sell or buy a business or build their own successful Franchise system.



Finn Business Sales help take the speculation out of your business search and buying decision. We are experts in buying and selling businesses, and are knowledgeable about the business recruitment process. Our extensive network of business brokers allow us inside access to businesses about to go on the market and silent listings. Having a professional with you every step of the way allows you to be confident in your decision making process.


The Finn Group can help you today by taking the speculation out of your business search or selling decision. We are experts in buying and selling a business. When you have a professional with you during each step of the way, you will be confident in your decision making process.


Whether you’re looking to buy a business, buy equipment, upgrade your next home, enter property investment, or wanting to refinance and pay off your existing home loan sooner, we can help you make the right financial decisions – whatever your needs may be.


Part of our commitment to our clients and providing quality advice is ensuring we spend the time getting to know clients, their personal circumstances as well as their lifestyle and financial goals. To help us do this we have developed a 5 minute financial health check and an About You questionnaire, which we encourage everyone to complete before our first meeting.


The experienced team of insurance professionals at Finn Business Insurance are experts in identifying your areas of risk and providing the right level of insurance cover. We take the time to get to know your business and provide in depth advice and comprehensive insurance cover which suits your need.


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