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Electrical Component Distributor & Manufacturer

City of Sydney
Sydney Region
For Sale
Category:   Other Electrical Equipment Manufacturing
This is an excellent business with a large customer base and strong potential for growth.

Asking Price: $450,0000

This is an opportunity to buy a highly rated and specialist electrical component distributor and manufacturer. 
The business has been operating successfully since 2013. Over that time, the business has built up a large and loyal customer base. The sectors covered include:

-	Data centres/server room installers
-	Financial institutions, 
-	Information and Communication Technology (ICT) consultants
-	Defence
-	Aviation
-	Film production, and 
-	Various other high-end users

These clients are typically focused on quality and service. The business has a reputation for excellent customer service and delivering quality products. 

Some of the blue-chip clients include:
-	Sydney Airport
-	Sydney Metro 
-	3M Australia 
-	Amazon Web Services 

The business also has excellent distribution arrangements with product providers and electrical wholesalers, including:
-	enLogic
-	MM Electrical
-	Rexel Group 
-	Lawrence & Hanson 

-	Successfully operating since 2013
-	Can be relocated to any state
-	Over $800,000 turnover and growth opportunities for a new owner
-	Existing blue chip customer base with over 1,000 customers on the database 
-	Potential to expand internationally 
-	Potential to increase manufacturing

This is a unique opportunity to buy a great business with a large client base and an excellent reputation for customer service.

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