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A Wave of Opportunity with Surfcoast Taxis

Situated in the heart of Western Victoria, Surfcoast Taxis are well-established within Western Victoria’s transportation industry, offering a lucrative venture for discerning buyers who are seeking both stability and growth. With a proven track record of profitability, this thriving taxi business (equipped with thirteen cars and sixteen drivers!) holds the potential to generate owner earnings exceeding $150k. 



Surfcoast Taxis caters to a diverse range of clientele, operating across Geelong, the Surf Coast, and Golden Plains, with a fleet of modern vehicles, including wheelchair-accessible maxi-cabs, which offer convenient rides to solo and group rides.

Staying current, Surfcoast Taxis also offers customers the convenience of online booking through their website or a simple mobile app with which they have partnered, so customers experience seamless booking and ride every time. 

Currently, the business is operating at full capacity, which presents an exciting opportunity for the right buyer to expand and continue to increase reach and returns. So much success as a taxi business comes down to the loyalty of your riders, especially in the era of Uber, where rides at the touch of a button are commonplace.

Anthony Dickson is brokering the sale for The Finn Group, who outlines just why Surfcoast Taxis continues to thrive even in a market where Uber has become a part-time job for many individuals due to the increases in the cost of living.

“They’ve really garnered a loyal following across certain specific demographics – older citizens, N.D.I.S. participants and even a younger crowd who don’t have reliable transportation services in underserved communities,” Anthony explains, “They are committed to maintaining a high-quality vehicle fleet and reliability for each customer, which has meant repeat bookings are a sure thing.”



Coordinating a network of drivers, their current owner oversees all operations, which means working closely with subcontractor drivers, skilled drivers, customer service representatives and administrative staff who work together like a well-oiled machine to get every rider where they need to be.

At the core of Surfcoast Taxis’ success is a mission and commitment to customer satisfaction and safety, where taxi travel doesn’t need to be a stressful experience and where you can be sure of what kind of service you’re going to get every time. 



With an extensive service footprint covering multiple regions, including Colac, Geelong, Bannockburn, Torquay, Winchelsea, and the picturesque coastline of Apollo Bay, Surfcoast Taxis still presents significant potential for expansion. A new owner could leverage strategic partnerships with organizations such as Gateways and Gen U to unlock new avenues for revenue and profit potential.

There are many reasons why an individual may prefer to take a taxi rather than drive, and increasingly, people are looking for trustworthy, accessible transportation. Surfcoast Taxis are primed to take even more market share of the transportation space in their region and beyond.

To explore this enticing opportunity further, we invite you to get in touch with Anthony Dickson today to receive a comprehensive Business Profile and Market Review or visit the listing here. 

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