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Perla Tacos Restaurant

Surf Coast
Barwon South West Region
Category:   Cafes and Restaurants
Located in the heart of Torquay, Perla Tacos restaurant and the Perla Poquito food trailer is a thriving Mexican business in the local culinary scene that blends authenticity and innovation. Perla Tacos Mexican stands as a beacon of success, generating six-figure returns while crafting a haven for food enthusiasts.

Perla Tacos showcases a diverse menu, with each dish a tribute to Mexico’s culinary heritage, from tantalizing tacos to mouthwatering enchiladas. Beyond the menu, the vibrant ambience transports diners to the streets of Mexico, inviting them to savour both cuisine and culture. Perla Tacos attracts locals and tourists alike, drawn to its rich menu of modern Mexican dishes prepared with care and top-quality ingredients.

The staff behind Perla Tacos, alongside the owner, have meticulously nurtured a brand that resonates with authenticity and quality. Including a skilled team of ten culinary artists, service staff, and bartenders, the owner’s role has included overseeing operations, maintaining relationships with suppliers, and ensuring the restaurant’s renowned service continuation.

The key features of the business are:

• Premier casual dining venue renowned for authentic Mexican cuisine.

• Growing revenue stream and profitability.

• Captivating ambience, offering an immersive Mexican experience.

• Diverse menu catering to various dietary preferences.

• Talented staff delivering exceptional service.

• Successful expansion with Perla Poquito Food Trailer for event catering.

What makes this business successful?

Perla Tacos Mexican’s success lies in its unwavering commitment to excellence. Combining authentic flavours, an inviting atmosphere, and attentive service creates a culinary haven that keeps patrons returning. With an emphasis on community engagement, collaborations, and social media outreach, the business has built a loyal customer base that extends far beyond its doors.

The customer base spans a diverse demographic, attracting locals, tourists, families, couples, and surf enthusiasts. With its proximity to iconic surf destinations and the Great Ocean Road, Perla Tacos has become a must-visit for those seeking exceptional Mexican cuisine.

Behind the scenes, a skilled team supports the business’s vision. Chefs craft dishes with precision, service staff ensure an unforgettable dining experience, and bartenders curate delightful beverages. With the introduction of Perla Poquito Food Trailer, the business has embraced mobility while maintaining its commitment to quality. The trailer’s event catering capabilities add an exciting dimension to the venture, making celebrations and gatherings genuinely unforgettable.

Perla Tacos Mexican and Perla Poquito Food Trailer offer a seamless fusion of flavours and experiences that transcend borders and tantalize the senses. Embrace this remarkable opportunity to become a part of Torquay’s culinary legacy and build new opportunities to engage the local community, expand online offerings, and explore new catering horizons; this business is poised for even greater success.

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Price: $390,000 + S.A.V.

Finn Business Sales
Geelong and South West Victoria
(03) 5259 9970

Broker: Anthony Dickson
0431 279 400

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