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Brewery Brand + Brewery/Pub Venue

City of Melbourne
Melbourne Region
Category:   Other Food Product Manufacturing not elsewhere classified
About the business:
Craft Beer Brewery: Dive into the craft beer scene with a brand that's known for its stellar reputation
Known for their diverse range of beers, including their portfolio of proprietary award winning brews
Caters for functions, large and small. Guests enjoy the unique experience of having their function amongst the tanks
Currently opens 4 nights a week and Saturday and Sunday during the day
Build on the solid foundations already built by the existing brewer

Key Features & Benefits:
Ready-to-Roll Setup: Take over a fully-loaded brewery and pub venue in Lang Lang, ready for your creative direction
Ramp up your production, and sell your own brews online and wholesale
Long term staff of locals in place
Perfectly located just off the highway between Melbourne and Phillip Island, with a large highway sign and local tour groups bringing in many travellers
Lots of loyal customers, locals are very supportive of the restaurant and brewery
Diamond in the Rough: This business is a hidden gem waiting for an experienced owner to grow

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