Workplace Safety Advisory – Be Your Own Boss – Reduced to Sell $195,000


Workplace Safety Advisory – Be Your Own Boss – Reduced to Sell $195,000

Independent Business Melbourne 3004, VIC $195,000

Are you looking for a profitable workplace safety advisory?

On offer is an outstanding workplace safety (WHS/OHS) services provider supporting clients with practical, affordable and achievable advisory and documentation services.

The business has built its reputation on a property and construction background, with the goal to encourage and assist employers across the property lifecycle (design, construct, operate, modify, dispose of) to proactively manage workplace health and safety risks whilst achieving compliance with obligations and responsibilities.

Workplace safety advisory and documentation services span the property lifecycle, services are as follows:


Safety in Design Reports & Workshops; Client Assistance for registrations, tenders; Compliance Report, Construction Site; Compliance Report, Workplace; Construction Safety & Contractor Management; Systems Development; Systems Training; Hazard Management Assessment – Loading Dock Assessment; Hazard Management Assessment – Car Park Traffic Management.


Generic WHS/OHS management system designed to meet AS4801 for employers in Agri Contracting; Construction; Hospitality; Jobbing; Manufacturing; Professional & Professional with Design; Retail & Wholesale; Trades; Warehousing.

Clients are sourced from various markets including State Government, Departments and Agencies; Small Medium Builders and Contractors; Architects, Building Designers and Engineers; Trade Contractors; Retail Property Portfolio Owners and Managers.

The key business features are:

• Acting as a Business Advisor rather than a WHS/OHS specialist who are driven by ‘rules’.

• Ability to quickly understand and respond to client needs.

• Services and products pre-developed to satisfy client needs.

• Reputation for delivering to and satisfying the client’s needs.

• Capacity to recognise and develop alternative solutions.

• Technical knowledge and ability to communicate risk management in the client’s environment.

• Able to minimise client ‘grief’ by quickly responding to requests and situations.

Why is this business successful?

Understanding client needs has been key to designing and delivering services. Generally, services are provided to clients who don’t have suitable internal WHS/OHS resources and wish to minimise WHS/OHS risk in their operations – a service SME’s tend outsource due to the specialisation and costs associated with internal resourcing. Using workplace safety advisors saves clients time and money ensuring safety is priority and requirements are met.

With a long list of clients has developed over this time and limited marketing is required to sustain profits. There are several large corporate clients who regularly seek specialist hazard management services and have done so for many years. Word of mouth and referral from industry peers along with a strong reputation in the market keeps the workload flowing.

In recent years, the business plan revolved around maintaining their existing client base, products and services rather than expand and grow. The business does not currently advertise, an investment in marketing and advertising along with monitoring tender sources for significant opportunities would see significant growth if a new owner wishes to expand.

If you are looking for an established and profitable Workplace Safety Advisory with stable existing clients and opportunity for growth, then enquire now.

Complete your online enquiry for a confidential discussion with the lead broker and receive a comprehensive Business Profile and Market Review.

Price $195,000

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