Torquay Domestic & Commercial Cleaning


Torquay Domestic & Commercial Cleaning

Independent Business Torquay 3228, VIC $60,000

A rapidly growing domestic and commercial cleaning business offering residential, domestic and commercial services. With a large team of cleaners, there is still more demand for services than can currently be provided.

The key features of this business are:

• Have an established reputation for professionalism, attention to detail, and reliability.

• With a large team, they can cover for illness/unavailability of team members, even at short notice, meaning the service gets performed without disruption to the client. Smaller or individual operators cannot match this level of reliability.

• The clients want certainty, and they provide it

• They do not compete on price

• Long client list

• Would suit an owner operator or acquisition by an existing business

What makes this business successful?

Torquay Domestic and Commercial Cleaning services a tight geographical area, meaning minimal travel time between jobs. This allows staff to keep to a schedule and provide the highest cleaning service quality.

Marketing and Advertising are minimal, with the use of the Facebook page. However, this business has grown simply by word of mouth as they have built a strong reputation from satisfied customers.

There is an opportunity to expand the business further by adding more staff and offering a wider range of services for any household or commercial need.

If you’re looking for a great cleaning business with a strong reputation, good staff numbers and an established client base, please enquire now.

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Price: $60,000

Finn Business Sales
Geelong and South West Victoria
(03) 5259 9970

Broker: Anthony Dickson
0431 279 400

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