Stellarossa – Beenleigh Drive Through for Sale


Stellarossa – Beenleigh Drive Through for Sale

New Franchise Beenleigh 4207, QLD $450,000


LOCATION: Beenleigh


When it comes to opening a cafe business of your own, you have two main options – do it yourself, or go into business with a franchise.

A good cafe franchise is the fast-track to get into business and establish your cafe.

The option to go it alone as an independent is also a choice taken, and the reasons for that are often due to having specific relevant experience, or maybe even a desire NOT to go into a franchise. If you’re confident you can come up with everything from scratch to start your own – then all the power to you!

At Stellarossa, we give passionate entrepreneurs all the assets, skills, training and support you need to hit the ground running in a cafe of your own.

You can implement our cafe business system in your local area, giving you the base you need to grow a business asset. For your success, we’re focused on;

Low entry & on-going costs – We use all our experience to get you into your cafe for the lowest entry costs possible.

With the old saying ‘you make your money on the way in’ always in our mind, we’ve a fully transparent policy of ALL costs involved to give you the best start to your new life as a cafe business owner.

Our industry-low 4.5% royalty fee is also a stand-out.

A no cookie-cutter approach – Yes, we have consistency across all our locations, but are also firm in the belief that you should be able to put your ‘stamp’ on your business. Let’s work together on getting that right!

A simple cafe business – Owning a business should get you to a point where you have a lifestyle, an income, and an asset – otherwise, why do it?

We’ve removed complexity with fewer staff, less, costly equipment, a profitable well-considered menu, and strong buying power.

If you are looking to become part of our tight community, and not just the owner of a business, we’d love to talk about your goals.

PRICE: $450,000 PLUS GST

Contact Mick Craig on 0417 778 587 or email to find out more!