Secure your future – Digital Marketing License and Management Rights


Secure your future – Digital Marketing License and Management Rights

Independent Business Melbourne 3000, VIC $400,000

* Purchase an exceptionally profitable Digital Marketing License.
* Secure your future,
* Manage your own business,
* Sell off Plan, sustainable, CO2 emission-free, off Grid Residential Dwellings at a price, quality, and quantity nobody else can match.
* Sell state-of-the-art, precision-engineered, manufactured Homes.

Introduction to Haussmann an advanced industrial product solution.
For the first time in history, when in production, we can offer an advanced, state-of-the-art shelter product, to price, quality and quantity nobody else can match in the local and global housing marketplace. Before Haussmann, there was no comparing our industrial, precision-engineered, superior solution to the present “stone age methods” of building homes.

Haussmann has revolutionized the entire home ownership concept.
A new purchasing experience allowing the client to experience a personalized and tailored purchase and ownership including a vendor first mortgage finance experience for an affordable, CO2 emission-free, sustainable, off-the-grid, 2-dollar deposit offer, a vendor financed home.

Haussmann’s m3 building systems® have redefined how we manufacture, assemble on location masterfully build homes.
Due to our engineering and composite materials product advantages, developed by industry and based on advanced materials science — our m3 building systems® are sustainably produced in our factory, packaged in Containers, delivered to the
nominated location, within weeks ‘clicked together’ on-site by a Haussmann team. Our Housing products packages are completed to lock up stage, built, manufactured, sold, and financed by Haussmann Limited, via first Mortgage Vendor Finance.

A Haussmann Digital Marketing license, fully backed and supported by Haussmann Limited, will enable the licensee to start a digital product sales business — marketing and selling state-of the-art modern manufactured homes.
A new and highly profitable business enterprise for any marketing entrepreneur, or marketing organization, which can be located within an existing organization, or as a new business, managed from a well-set-up home office.

A Haussmann digital marketing License will provide the licensee with exclusive sales and profit advantages.
* Innovative and cutting edge sales tools to streamline and redefine the home purchase experience;
* Eliminate the costly model of securing ‘real estate stock’ to enable the licensee to conduct sales;
* Guaranteed Housing Stock supply by the Manufacturer Haussmann Limited.
* No extra cost to secure housing stock, each license is allocated ‘stock’, resources, and training to sell Haussmann manufactured homes;
* The conventional, small geographic area of housing sales is now expandable to national and international home sales.
* This allows the licensee to sell beyond the traditional geographic restrictions; expanding the marketing and sales areas to Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands;
* Ownership of a Digital License / Management Right, for the term of 12 months, with options for renewal, year by year, for the term of up to 22 years;
*Digital Marketing Licensee to receive 5% commission for each sale conducted and completed, minus a refundable part of the deposit;
* Expected start of sales programs and digital marketing training programs within 12 – 16 weeks of purchase of a license.

Digital Marketing and Management Rights License acquisition does involve a considerable initial outlay of $400K plus an agreed marketing budget. This may seem expensive, but you are not just buying a business a License and Management Right to sell Homes, You are buying a guaranteed profitable business, fully warranted and backed up by the manufacturer together with a bonus allocation,

Option to purchase a Haussmann 288 m2 Home for the amount of $100K at an estimated market valuation of $ 700,000
Receive Haussmann m3 cryptocurrency allocation to the value of $100K pegged to Plant T.O. (Profit share allocation for 22 years).

Digital Marketing License Purchase Price: $400,000

For more details on this outstanding business opportunity, contact Tom Jolly on 0403 720 965 or email tom.jolly@thefinngroup.com.au