Innovative Greywater Treatment System Business – Brisbane


Innovative Greywater Treatment System Business – Brisbane

Independent Business Sydney 2000, NSW $99,000

BioCell Cleanwater is a manufacturer, supplier and installer of low-cost water treatment systems marketed by its parent company, Greywater Solutions.
Its in-demand water system converts household or commercial wastewater into safe, low-cost reusable water, which can be used in toilet flushing, cold water supply to washing machines, garden irrigation or any general use, except for drinking purposes.
It also uses a sustainable wastewater filter medium that could be used as a fertiliser after each annual servicing.
The business is being sold due to health issues being faced by both the owners.
To be clear, the business is not being sold based on its financial performance. The true value here is for a buyer to secure innovative water saving technology that has had $4m+ in research and development expenditure.
The technology has had QLD Government and international attention for its innovations. In the past the company has secured an agreement with the Dubai Government for a test program of its recycled water technology as part of Dubai South.

* Innovative product with $4 million spent on research and development;
* Business can service residential and commercial properties;
* The Greywater system has both domestic and international customer appeal;
* Owner willing to provide a comprehensive handover;
* Provides flexibility for their owners;
* Ideal customers include mining camps and larger companies that require water treatment systems for larger volumes; and
* Grey Water Treatment Plant has current QLD Chief Executive Approval. It has been approved for 13 years and never revoked.

Price: $99,000 W.I.W.O

For more details on this outstanding business opportunity, contact Tom Jolly on 0403 720 965 or email tom.jolly@thefinngroup.com.au