Home Ice Cream – Sunshine Coast


Home Ice Cream – Sunshine Coast

Existing Franchise Buderim 4556, QLD $49,000

Looking for a relatively cruisy business where you’re out and about meeting people each day? This business is pretty simple, and it includes your custom delivery van!

Here’s how it works..
– You represent a national company, they have a lot of customers around the southern Sunshine Coast
– These customers love the food products that this brand supplies, so they get them home delivered (by you!)
– The customers are on a regular delivery schedule (i.e. every fortnight for example)
– The money is pretty good too – last financial year the current owner brought in about $60,000 in what would be classed as ‘delivery fees’. In previous years it was even higher when he was working a bit more
– Out of that $60,000 they had to pay their operating costs, but they had their own van and had about 6 days off a fortnight

Key Features & Benefits:
– You can even grow the business, by doing your own marketing stuff and getting more customers. The more homes you deliver to – the more you’ll get paid!
– You walk-in and get cashflow income from day one. There’s already a lot of customers on the books
– The brand has been going for more than 30 years and offers very high quality products and that keeps the customers coming back time after time
– The best way to make the most money is to work it yourself, but the current owner has stepped back and he employs a part-time worker and she does some deliveries for him. At this level, her wage takes up most of the delivery fees. That’s why it’s time for a new owner to take over.
– The Sunshine Coast area is constantly growing. There are subdivisions popping up in the area everywhere and more houses means more potential customers!
– Gaining great online reviews from new and regular customers
– Initial training and on-going support is provided when you take over

NOTE: Business is not affected by COVID19 Pandemic.

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