Easy Colour Wholesale Nursery


Easy Colour Wholesale Nursery

Independent Business Hamilton 3300, VIC $2,650,000

A wholesale nursery business with a seven-figure turnover located in Hamilton, Prestonholme Nurseries – Easy Colour is a third-generation wholesale business growing flowering annuals, herbs, and vegetables for the retail market.

Prestonholme Nurseries – Easy Colour has revolutionised the Australian seedling market by introducing the “Easy Colour Pack” with its unique pop-out packaging system for annuals, vegetables, and herbs. Easy Colour is the market leader in supplying pack grown annuals to Eastern Australia.

The key features of the business are:

• Unique branding

• Product is relevant to the marketplace

• Deliver a superior quality product

• Positive and Productive customer relationships

• Provide loyalty program

• Easy to use ordering options

• Well packaged product

• Stable profit level

• Experienced and loyal staff

• Above average service and support

What makes this business successful?

Prestonholme Nurseries – Easy Colour has consistently supplied the market with turnover growing consistently year to year. They offer exceptional quality products and outstanding service to retail customers and have paved the way for Easy Colour to be seen as the way to purchase annuals and colour flowers into the future.

Their customer base has steadily grown in size and geography and consists of Independent Garden Centres and Retailers, Hardware Stores, and Supermarkets from Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia.

Easy Colour has two owner-operators working in the business and employs twelve (12) full-time permanent staff to conduct the business’s daily operations. During busy seasonal periods they employ extra staff to keep up with the demand. Their current staff levels include one office manager/marketing, one office admin/ customer service, one sales representative, one production supervisor, six nursery hands and two transport-truck drivers.

There is opportunity to further expand the business by targeting big box stores. The Easy Colour branding could also be introduced into wider untapped markets including municipal councils and landscapers. There is considerable scope for increasing and diversifying the customer base.

If you are looking to add growth to an existing wholesale nursery or seeking a secure business opportunity with established wholesale customers that includes the prospect to expand both profitability and sales, enquire now.

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Price $2,650,000 + SAV

Finn Business Sales
Geelong and South West Victoria
(03) 5259 9970

Broker: Ashley Brimacombe
0417 805 438

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