Corporate Business Sales with one of Australia’s #1 Brands – Perth


Corporate Business Sales with one of Australia’s #1 Brands – Perth

Independent Business Perth 6000, WA POA

A recent deal we did yielded a sales commission of just over $360,000.

Here’s how it happened;
– Our marketing materials caused an owner of a medium-sized business to contact Finn.
– We met the client, showed him what we do, and he gave us the go-ahead
– We used our marketing tools to generate enquiries from targeted buyers
– We got a few enquiries, one of them ended up buying the business

These deals don’t come along everyday, but the opportunities in the mid-level market are almost limitless, especially with the large baby-boomer generation wanting to exit their business investments.

The Finn M&A model specifically targets the lower-to-middle market, with transactions in the $2m-$50m bracket. This part of the market is largely ignored by the big advisory and legal firms as “too small” and therefore presents great opportunity.

You would run your own business, under a Finn M&A licence model.

You need this experience:
− Experience in these type of transactions
− Desire and capacity to work for yourself
− Highly developed communication and presentation skills
− Problem-solver and ability to think outside the box

To succeed, we help you with:
− Established database with 600,000+ businesses and 50,000 potential business buyers.
− Marketing – comprehensive toolkit of marketing materials which you can tailor for your own business supported by a program of marketing activities for general brand building.
− Ongoing training and mentoring
− Established back-end infrastructure in IT, operations, training and marketing
− World Class software system with a fully customised CRM platform

Learn More:

Website – https://thefinngroup.com.au/mergers-and-acquisitions/

Youtube – https://youtu.be/FDPRQGtKgzY

Contact: Len Ferguson Ph: 1300 535 932 or email joinus@thefinngroup.com.au