Coochie HydroGreen – North Townsville, QLD


Coochie HydroGreen – North Townsville, QLD

New Franchise Burdell 4818, QLD $110,000

You’ll love this business because…
– You are out and about visiting customers homes
– It’s easy work – you just spray their lawns
– the money is really good and in your first year we’ll top up your income with an income guarantee up to $55k

This is who we are…
– we are Coochie HydroGreen
– we’ve been around in Australia for more than 25 years
– we spray to fertilise lawns and to control weeds, pest, and disease outbreaks

Who are the customers?
– residential and commercial customers
– you’ll visit them every 2 months, and spray their lawns with our unique treatments

If your application is successful, here’s what is included when you purchase the business…
– Exclusive territory rights
– Guaranteed income during the initial 12-month period
– Guaranteed business buy back
– Guaranteed financing with favourable start-up conditions to approved applicants
– Committed marketing plan to ease the pain of a start-up business
– Business administrative support including accounting services and support
– Home-based (Mobile Service Business) with a loan vehicle provided free of charge for the first 12 months

Important Notes:
– we don’t mow lawns, and we don’t do gardening, we just spray!
– Our business is in technical lawn care (that’s the technical name for it!)
– When you think about it, it makes sense. There a lot of lawns around, and to keep them looking amazing, they need to be fed and treated. Afterall, they are a living, breathing lifeform. Our work protects the lawn, and makes it stronger and resilient.

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