Commercial Cleaning Business Townsville


Commercial Cleaning Business Townsville

Independent Business Townsville 4810, QLD $165,000

This Commercial Cleaning business was founded 20 years ago and subsequently acquired by its present owners in 2017. Over the past two decades, the business has cultivated an impeccable brand reputation as leaders in the commercial, residential and industrial cleaning sector in Townsville.

As its busy job schedule can attest, the customer experience and quality delivery of its service have resulted in returning clients and repeat business with excellent financial outcomes.

The business has cultivated exceptional client relationships with the private sector and government alike. To this end, it is the cleaning partner of choice for a myriad of primary and secondary schools, office buildings and other government buildings. As it
relates to the private sector, the business collaborates closely with various real estate agencies and body corporates.

* Multiple streams of Growth Opportunities
* Well established – operating for 20 years. The owners have forged long-lasting relationships with clients resulting in plenty of word-of-mouth referrals from real estate agencies and steady growth.
* Stellar Brand Reputation – Due to its unrelenting commitment
to quality cleaning and customer service
* Fully staffed with an experienced and competitive team

Listed Price: $165,000

For more details on this outstanding business opportunity, contact Murray Mayes on 0417 622 782 or email murray.mayes@finnbusinesssales.com.au