Cappuccino Xpress Malaga – Long Running & Successful Coffee Van


Cappuccino Xpress Malaga – Long Running & Successful Coffee Van

Existing Franchise Malaga 6090, WA $85,000 including van & equipment

– This successful and profitable coffee van has been servicing the Malaga area for 10 years
– A long list of existing clients for you to take over and continue providing great quality coffee and service
– A very well maintained Toyota Hilux completely kitted out with all the equipment you need is included in the price
– Cappuccino Xpress is a well-recognised brand around the country
– Excellent level of support and training will be provided as part of a handover

When a Cappuccino Xpress coffee van arrives at your home, work or event, you can prepare your senses and be assured that you’re about to enjoy a truly great coffee. At Cappuccino Xpress we are renowned for our great coffee and for the care and dedication that has gone into sourcing and serving only the best blend.

So that we can guarantee the best coffee, we have invested heavily in our coffee supply. Our beans are sourced from sustainable growing regions in Africa, South East Asia, South America and India, and expertly combined into the unique and exclusive Cappuccino Xpress blend. Our Master Roaster has been trained overseas and boasts years of blending and roasting experience during which he has perfected his technique.

Cappuccino Xpress spent a long time searching for the perfect coffee blend that would satisfy our discerning customers. We are passionate about our coffee’s freshness and, unlike the others; we only serve coffee that has been freshly roasted within two weeks of being served.

At Cappuccino Xpress we pride ourselves on having the best quality coffee, top-of-the-line equipment and a growing number of dedicated coffee van franchisees promoting our services in their own individual territories across Australia. If you are a coffee lover, find out how you can join us, by purchasing your own Cappuccino Xpress coffee van and get on the road to enjoyment, fun and success.

$85,000 including van & equipment

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