Bayview Milk Bar


Bayview Milk Bar

Independent Business Clifton Springs 3222, VIC $46,000

Live easy owning and operating a genuine local convenience store in a growing residential location on the Bellarine Peninsula, considered an ideal post-COVID-19 opportunity.

The Bayview Milk Bar has been operating for 45 plus years supplying the local community with their essential items such as milk, bread, newspapers, drinks, confectionery, tobacco, grocery items, and fast food.

A family run business the current owners have created a place that is warm and welcoming. With a friendly approach and excellent service, the business has established loyal customers. The milk bar is well known for regulars choosing to shop for their necessities instead of enduring the stress of going to the local supermarket.

Not only that, there is a major opportunity to create a takeaway coffee service from the shop window to cater to the locals and the tradies working on the surrounding ongoing housing developments. The local area is just waiting for a little coffee shop to pop up that can also offer traditional grocery convenience. Keep the takeaway hot food and kids lollies, add some fresh paint and branding and you have a trendy business sure to be a hit.

The key business features are:

• Local convenience with warm and friendly shoppers and owners

• A loyal customer base built over the years from excellent service

• The milk bar takes stock requests by phone orders for pick up

• There is an ‘old school’ lolly cabinet for the kids, and it’s a hit

• Offers competitive prices to other small businesses

• There is easy access parking and plenty of it – it gets busy!

• There is low rent making overheads easy to manage

• Sales are boosted over the holiday seasons and in summer things rock

• Situated in a gorgeous location with bay views and residential development set for the next ten years, which sees tradies and new residents quickly becoming regulars

What makes this business successful?

The convenience of location, affordable prices and available parking with fewer people makes for a stress-free shop in any attire. Sales are boosted over the holiday seasons with visitors coming in droves. It is simply easier to get what you need from the Milk Bar than it is going to any supermarket.

The days of sending your kids up the road to get the milk and paper, or more bacon and eggs are back – with the leftover change for a lolly from the ‘old school’ lolly cabinet. Milk bars are once again a convenience.

Customer loyalty has been much appreciated by the current owners and to reward regulars, requests for additional or speciality items are happily ordered.

Elderly customers are catered for, including holding certain items at the counter, so they do not need to walk the entire store. The owners will even take items out to the car for customers with limited mobility. This willingness to offer service has led to now offering phone ordering for pick up and pay. Another excellent convenience for locals to get what they need – hassle-free.

Simple takeaway hot food is also on offer and catering to other local businesses, including plated sweets and sandwiches when orders are not large enough for a ‘catering company,’ but are too big for a customer to undertake themselves. This again increases sales and profits while building customer loyalty.

Loyal customers from excellent customer service and convenience are crucial to making a substantial profit. Knowing what products to stock and making sure the hot food is fresh and ready to be served at the right times of the day ensures success.

Summer and school holidays see a peak in sales. After school hours between 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm and lunch trade between 11:00 am – 1:00 pm are the busiest times.

If you are looking for a business built on convenience with loyal customers in a great location with residential growth, then this opportunity promises to be rewarding, take our advice and enquire now.

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Price Drop: $46,000 + SAV

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