This #1 Caravan Repair Centre Sold for Over $1 Million


This #1 Caravan Repair Centre Sold for Over $1 Million

With an industry-leading reputation, this caravan repair centre in Western Victoria offered a strong team, pristine reputation and healthy client base along with consistent mid-six-figure returns, resulting in a solid $1.1 million sale price.

Caravan Repair

The caravan industry has always been popular across several demographics – a convenient way to travel for young families, the ultimate retirement road trip vehicle for older couples, and a fun and freeing way to experience Australia for the young and young at heart. While borders are opening back up post-pandemic, Australians are keen to explore more of their own background.

In fact, we’re looking at a ‘Golden Age’ of caravaning – in mid-2020, Stuart Lamont, CEO of the Caravan Industry Association, said, “More than ever, caravan and campervan trips have come into their own, not least given we still have a thriving onshore manufacturing industry.”

So it’s little wonder why this Victorian repair centre was seeing such consistent and impressive returns, culminating in a tempting offer for someone out to score themselves a business.

Specialising in insurance repair work, maintenance and servicing of caravans as well as freshening up vehicles with new fit-outs and refurbishments, this repair workshop is an industry go-to that delivers quality-assured service every time.

Just as with all autorepair maintenance, safety comes first for this team, and with in-depth knowledge across all makes and models, spare parts, safety checks and specific servicing was always top of the line. Working directly with all the major insurance companies as an accepted repairer, business flows steadily through this client avenue alone, with the team working seamlessly to get vehicles back up to code with realistic timelines.

Brokering the sale was Finn Business Group’s Anthony Dickson, who explains, “Having existed for 20 years, the reputation alone of this business in the caravan industry drives word of mouth referrals. Marketing and advertising have been minimal as they generally work directly with insurance companies for most caravan repairs.”

In the world of caravaning, you can find vans from the tens of thousands all the way to the hundreds of thousands, from basic models to kitted-out luxury vehicles with all the comforts of home. In this way, this dedicated caravan repair centre has everything needed in one place that any level of customer might be considering.

While their reputation precedes them, this business also knows the power of customer visibility, with their workshop located in a high-profile and high-traffic area (which is known as the place for caravan sales, repairs and more), welcoming new customers with ease.

From awnings and annexes (both installation and repairs in multiple colours and styles), heaters and air conditioners, alterations, modifications, solar panels and bike racks as well as the space for on-site repairs, this team is the go-to for caravaners both new and seasoned.

This business sale combines the classic formula of a reputation for honesty, quality and fair pricing with the ability to deliver fast and reliable service and repairs, supported by a highly experienced team with a passion for the caravaning industry.

For the winning buyer, this was certainly a buy that will continue to see them on the road to long-term success and profits.

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