Steel Fabrication Business Boasts $55 Million Annual Revenue


Steel Fabrication Business Boasts $55 Million Annual Revenue

A lucrative opportunity is now on offer in Victoria within the steel fabrication and construction industry, with a business that is proudly generating an annual revenue of more than $55 million dollars. 

Encompassing not only a steel fabrication business but also building design and construction within the company, this business’ sales and track record truly speak for themselves. Having developed a powerful reputation as an industry leader for domestic, rural and industrial site buildings, the team have further bolstered their success with advanced engineering and design expertise for large metal structures. In short, this business continues to shine as a top performer within the industry, ready to be taken on by a new owner.

Steel Building Fabrications and Construction operate out of Victoria, with an extensive network of resellers and distributors across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and North & South Tasmania, working directly with the public. The team are well versed in everything from kit form sales and design to the supply and build for larger shed or warehouse and industrial projects, keeping a competitive edge with their strategic supply advantages and business partnerships.

Regularly working with a base clientele of builders and developers, they’ve established a reputable brand that delivers key, in-demand products, including zinc and colour-coated steel cladding, roofing, guttering and more via their partner business, just another feature that has allowed this business to scale to such significant financial heights.

Brokering the sale from Finn Business Group is Mark Hall, who shares just some of the key features that make this steel fabrication business an attractive investment opportunity.

“The direct-to-consumer sales line for supply and build for sheds or warehouse structures is a huge advantage – there’s a sustained and consistent customer base that returns time and time again,” Mark explains, “Then there’s the versatility and agility of this business – they can provide tailor-made solutions for every client – nothing is too big or too small of a job. Of course, the solid profit history is a testament to the work of the team building a brand that is absolutely dominating in this space.”

With a broad national reach and the ability to tap into different markets, this steel fabrication business has also set itself up with a suite of separate entities for build purposes, minimising the risks associated with on-site buildings and manufacturing. 

The strategic business decisions made to date are now bearing significant fruit, with extensive assets built within the business, including their purpose-built factories, their broad manufacturing capabilities and the on-site equipment and design expertise. Quality of both product and customer service is a cornerstone to the success of this business, having continued to trade profitably and competitively even in tougher market conditions (which we’ve all been aware of in the business space since Covid arrived in 2020).

Most importantly, the regional Victoria steel fabrication business is just getting started, with endless opportunities for the right buyer to take on new resellers and distributors to expand operations interstate with more factories and staff. Ideal for someone within this industry who is looking to acquire a winning Victorian business or even an overseas entrant to the market or private equity firm – with figures at this volume, there are several winning combinations of future owners.

If you’re keen to hear more about this dynamic opportunity, we encourage you to connect with Mark Hall for a confidential discussion and market review. At this time, the price is E.O.I., with offers closing on 31 May 2023. 

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