Mavs Greek Restaurant – A Culinary Icon Up For Sale


Mavs Greek Restaurant – A Culinary Icon Up For Sale

Across the beautiful state of Victoria, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to dining, but even so, crowds consistently make the pilgrimage to Mavs Greek Restaurant, tucked away in Geelong’s main dining precinct.

So, why Mavs? Well, you don’t create a highly profitable business (generating consistent mid-six-figure returns) without having a winning menu and impeccable service. Expert management and a clear culinary vision have firmly positioned Mavs Greek Restaurant as a must-visit spot, with a welcoming and colourful atmosphere with Greek dishes to delight and satiate. 

At Mavs Greek Restaurant, authenticity truly is the name of the game, with a diverse, mouth-watering menu that takes guests on a culinary journey through the flavours of Greece. Of course, there are the classic crowd favourites, including souvlaki and spanakopita, plus chargrilled seafood, fresh salads and indulgent desserts to complete the meal. Taking it up a level is Mavs Greek Restaurant’s very own wine brand (hailing from the renowned Heathcote Region).

For diners new and old, there’s a specific energy that Greek restaurants bring to life – the vibrancy of the flavours, the space and the energy – Greek food is made to be enjoyed with friends, family and laughter, which is the essence of what Mavs has become known for.

A well-synced team manages the floor, front of house and kitchen operations with ease, including a team of talented chefs and kitchen staff, reading to accommodate the fluctuating crowds across the year – in the summer months, Mavs sees revenue up to 60k per month.

Brokering the sale for The Finn Group is Laurie Farrell, who highlights the impact of Mavs on locals and tourists alike.

“Mavs Greek Restaurant has been recognised as the ‘Best Greek Restaurant of Victoria and Tasmania’ by the prestigious Restaurant & Catering Association, which speaks volumes about the impact it’s made since opening,” shares Laurie, “Consistently, Mavs performs on the financial side as well as the customer experience end – it’s a unique and exceptional dining experience and increasingly, diners are looking to feel welcomed in by a restaurant, that’s the energy that’s underpinning the whole restaurant.”

With such a diverse customer base, Mavs Greek Restaurant accommodates and welcomes family gatherings, romantic dinners, celebratory occasions and anything and everything in between – supported by an equally diverse and delicious menu (with options for gluten-free, vegetarian and beyond).

Of course, a successful restaurant business always presents new opportunities for growth and expansion – potential buyers could consider leveraging the strong name association and brand value of Mavs with the opportunity to make further strategic partnerships, exclusive events, catering services and menu expansion. 

More than ambience and delicious food, Mavs Greek Restaurant is profitable and yet with still plenty of promise to see the restaurant soar to even greater heights. So, if you’re ready to continue and develop this legacy of excellence in Geelong’s dining scene, it might just be time to exclaim ‘opa!’ and give Laurie Farrell a call.

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