How Just Ride It Redefined the Bicycle Business Globally


How Just Ride It Redefined the Bicycle Business Globally

Crafting dreams on two wheels, Just Ride It bicycle store located in Balaclava, St Kilda, has pedalled its way to global recognition as a dedicated custom bike shop. This Australian gem is more than a store; it’s a hub of innovation, turning dreams into reality on two wheels.

Just Ride It

At the core of Just Ride Its success is its commitment to creating specially designed and unique bikes with personalized finishes. Just Ride It has mastered the art of customisation and works hand-in-hand with customers throughout the entire custom bike build process, offering expert guidance from start to finish. From parts recommendations to bike fit and custom colours to finishes, every detail is tailored to bring customers’ dream bikes to life.

Just Ride It isn’t just about individual customers; they’ve made a mark in the corporate world too. Powering giants and building B2B success. By forging brand connections, this bicycle store builds custom bikes for major brands and companies, including BMW, Audi, Coca-Cola, and Crown Casino. These bikes serve as unique display pieces, giveaways, and competition prizes, strengthening Just Ride It’s reputation in the business-to-business (B2B) sector. The structured process of creating and delivering unique bicycles has made Just Ride It a global name in the bicycle community, attracting partnerships with renowned companies.

The key features that have propelled Just Ride It to success are impressive and diverse. A wealth of assets, Just Ride It boasts major brand connections, a range of branded bikes and products, a substantial customer database, global recognition, and a loyal customer base. Their top Google ranking and substantial social media following solidify their online presence. It’s unique inventory and innovation with exclusive products not found elsewhere in Australia and a commitment to innovation, Just Ride It constantly sets new standards in the industry.

Brokering the sale from The Finn Group is Jacqueline Edhiqary, and she says, “The recipe for Just Ride Its success is inclusivity and customer focus with its ability to cater to all types of riders. From budget bikes for casual riders to high-performance machines, they meet the diverse needs of their customers,” Jacque shares. “The opportunity awaits with the current owner of Just Ride It offering a buyer full training and ongoing support.”

Cycling’s rising tide has seen the industry experience annual growth, and Just Ride It stands at the forefront of this movement making strong six-figure returns. The global push for cycling to reduce carbon emissions and congestion only enhances the business’s domestic and international growth potential. Just Ride It is more than a bike shop; it’s a gateway to an extraordinary world of cycling excellence. As it continues to redefine the industry, there’s no better time to join the ride.

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