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When we had a potential buyer for our business, Dione always kept us informed and let us know what the next step in the process would be. She was always very consistent in her feedback to us and we also felt that the Business Profile document she prepared on our business was very good.

Ray and Gill Caithness - Client
Cookieman - Cairns

We get a lot of referrals in our business and that’s because we do a really good job of selling businesses. And we’re able to do a good job because of the tools, the market space that we have, and the large network that we operate within.

Shewta Tripathi
Finn Franchise Partner - South Australia

I know I’m on the right track and I think it’s going to be an excellent investment.

James Grigg
Finn Franchise Partner - Adelaide

All of our brokers have expert knowledge in the franchise industry. They’ve bought and sold their own franchise... The best things about the business is that there is no staff, no stock, no landlord so your starting out investment is smaller, but you can also grow and develop your business at your own pace and minimise your risks.

Dione Mauric
Finn Franchise Partner - Sunshine Coast & NTH, QLD

This is very much a business that I can nurture and grow and my success is driven by my input and my commitment. Ultimately, I’m driving my own destiny and it’s the first time in my working life I’ve had that kind of opportunity.

Rajiv Rajan
Finn Franchise Partner - Perth

Len and Steve are always available to help - on the phone or email, and they have a very strong concern for the success of the group as a whole, and also each individual broker and their family as well. It’s not a massive outlay, I don’t think, to start a business, especially with the potential for returns. If you do well, you can easily make your initial investment back in 6 - 12 months. The ongoing support you receive from Steve and Len is well worth the ongoing franchisee fee.

Ryan Willsher
Finn Franchise Partner - Perth